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When Martin Seligman, one of the world’s leading researchers in positive psychology and wellbeing, was asked by his students and followers:

“What would be the best way to improve wellbeing?“, he said, “Measure it”.

And so, we measure it.

Our “My Personal Wellbeing” diagnostic tool enables individuals, teams, and entire organizations to become aware of their baseline level of overall wellbeing and its five pillars. By measuring wellbeing, you will understand the area you need to focus on and what habits you need to change or adopt on the path to a meaningful and happy life.

At the same time, while improving wellbeing, repeating the “My personal wellbeing” questionnaire provides us with quality feedback on what exactly works, what doesn’t, and whether we are heading in the right direction.

My Personal Wellbeing Diagnostic Tool offers:

Simple and easy way to measure wellbeing, lasting a few minutes.

Clear and practical data on how individuals, teams or organizations are doing in each wellbeing pillar.

Individual real-time report.

Data display according to filters and customer’s wishes.
(e.g., millennium results, X generation or team, department results)

Do you want to improve your life? Find out how you are doing and step forward!

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